Transfer Requests

A student may only request a transfer to one specific Great Hearts academy. In the case of siblings, transfer requests submitted for one sibling must be for the same recipient school as transfer requests submitted for all other siblings. Transfer requests are reviewed by the desired academy, and your application will be marked for “transfer priority” status once the request is approved. Students eligible for transfer are required to start attending their current academy at or before the beginning of the second semester and must successfully complete the academic year at that academy to be eligible to transfer to their new academy of choice for the following school year. Transfer priority status does not guarantee enrollment, but rather it places the transfer application in a prioritized position on the waitlist for the desired academy and the desired grade. Students requesting a transfer must not be in the process of being expelled from their current academy. 

Texas Specific Transfer Policies

To submit a transfer application, you will need to submit a new application and indicate the academy you would like to transfer to within the application. No additional paper form is required. 

Texas will accept transfer requests between Texas academies, however, cannot accept transfers from students currently attending an academy in Arizona.