Power School-Parent Portal

Introducing the GHTX Parent/Guardian Portal!

Keep Connected and Stay Informed! The Great Hearts Texas Parent Portal serves as a vital communication tool, enriching and amplifying parent/guardian involvement in their children’s educational journey. This portal grants secure online entry to our Student Information System (SIS), allowing parents/guardians to access the following information for each of their children enrolled in any Great Hearts Texas school:

  • Student Information
  • School Bulletin
  • School Information
  • Attendance Information
  • Set Email Notification and more!

Stay tuned for additional features in the future.

An email containing login details should have reached you; for further assistance or information on setting up your account, please feel free to reach out to your campus.

Click here for the Parent Portal

Below you will find some commonly-asked questions and the corresponding answers. While you are logged into the Parent Portal, you may also find answers by selecting the question mark (?) at the top of your screen.

Q. What is PowerSchool?


PowerSchool is the student information system that Great Hearts Texas uses to manage information such as grades, attendance, demographics, courses, etc. Since PowerSchool is web-based, some of this information can easily and safely be shared with parents and students via an online portal.
Online portal: https://greatheartstx.powerschool.com/public/home.html

Q. Can I access the Parent Portal from anywhere?


Yes. You can access the Parent Portal from any computer with an Internet connection.

Q. Why is PowerSchool "App" different than the GHTX Parent Portal website?


The PowerSchool Parent Portal App currently available in Apple / Google Play stores has limited functionality and does not allow for feature customization. To ensure the best possible user experience, we strongly recommend that mobile users access the GHTX Parent Portal through the login on this web page.

Q. I have children is more than one GHTX school. Can I access their information with one Parent Account?


Yes! They will all be in your portal, provided you have used the same email with each child.

Q. Can other people view my children's information?


No. As long as you protect your password, others will not be able to see your child’s information. To protect/monitor against unauthorized access, the system will also display a log of registered users who have access to your child’s information.

Q. I forgot my login information. How do I retrieve my username/password?


If you forget your login information, click the Forgot Username / Password link on the login page at powerschool.com and walk through the recovery steps as described.

Q. Will school staff provide me with my login information over the phone?


No. Your login information will not be provided over the phone for security reasons.

Q. What are the computer requirements to use this system?


Almost any computer with an Internet connection can access Parent Portal. It is recommended that you use a newer Internet browser. The Parent Portal is also viewable on mobile devices.

Q. Do I need to logout of the Parent Portal when done?


Yes. When you are finished using the portal, please logout. This is considered best practice to ensure information remains private, and protects against unauthorized access.

Q. Will my child's private information be secure?


Yes. The Parent Portal is hosted through PowerSchool, our secure student information system. Your child’s records can only be accessed by authorized school officials, and those with whom you share your password.

Q. Can both parents create separate accounts for the same children?


Yes, as long as each parent/guardian has a unique email address, additional Parent Access Accounts are created.

Q. Who do I contact for technical or documentation support?


For all Parent Portal support questions, please contact your school office.

Q. How do I cancel my Parent Portal account?


Please contact the school office. You will be required to verify your identity for the purpose of account closure.