Student Meal Accounts

Access – Every student has a meal account. In order to access your student’s account, you will need to create a parent account at and then add them. Please contact your campus Registrar or Front Desk for your student’s ID number. You can also download the App on the Apple Store or Google Play. Our District is “Great Hearts Texas (San Antonio, Texas)”. (Please note that all emails from LINQ Connect will show up as “Titan School Solutions.”)

The Parent FAQ Guide can be found here.

LINQ Connect Logo

Funds – You can add funds to your student’s account by credit card or electronic check through LINQ Connect, or by dropping off an envelope with cash or a check at your campus front desk. Make sure that your student’s name is on the envelope.

Account Balances – If you need a refund, transfer, or would like to donate any unused balance to the Feed It Forward fund,  please fill out this form.

Restrictions – While we encourage all parents to allow their students to self-manage their meals, we understand that sometimes students need a little help. If you would like to restrict your student’s “extra” (a la carte) purchases, you can do so in your parent portal on LINQ Connect. To restrict your student from purchasing a meal, please email with your student’s name, school, and restrictions.